Monday, August 8, 2011

Do It Yourself Bed Liner

The texture of bed liner paint is great for covering defects. There's also this to consider. Bed liner paint is made to build up a real coating. There is some cure time to the do it yourself liner. As curing happens the paint settles and the lines from brushing or rolling just fade together. Roll on is about the same as a spray coat except with little mess to deal with.

Washing the truck seems a simple matter. The wash is a must for a first step. Paint simply cannot and will not stick over old grease or wax which are often found around truck beds. Now how the wax got there may be a mystery!!! The first step to success is to get an automotive wax remover and get that surface really clean.

It's rough abraded surfaces that hold paint the best. So that's what is required... rough preparation. It's rough sanding you need for a surface that really sticks and holds the paint. Scratches hold the paint more so than any really smooth preparation. Get that and you get a better stick and less chance of peeling.

It's possible to get a bed liner kit and avoid the hassle of putting together all the components you need. That saves trying to find the few pieces needed in different places. Herculiner is not the only source for the kit solution.

Get more paint than recommended... A gallon is the most oft discussed quantity of paint. That will cover a full size pickup, but just barely. A thicker coat works better in several ways and that means get more if you can.

Be reasonable. As suggested above, spray on liners put on by the pros are much thicker than what you put on. That's key to the durability of professionally applied liners. Thick coatings are tough to scratch through and tough to harm. Do it yourself bed liners are often plenty good enough but they generally are no match for the toughness of a much more expensive liner professionally put in.

Older truck in need of an improved appearance are often where do it yourself liner get installed and rightly so. Bed liner paint is simple to use partly because it is so thick and easy to deal with and install. It takes some time for installation but the steps are simple and not so difficult.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Trucks And Bed Liners

Brand new pickup trucks cost a great deal, it just makes good sense to guard your truck and help make it last. One particular method in which many pickups start to show age speedily is in the bed. Especially if a truck hauls much of something, damage quickly soon add up to potential damage inside the bed. Truck bed liners in many cases are added in among the very first accessories to either prevent deterioration within new trucks or to attempt to cease additional issues in older pickups. Different styles and varieties of liners provide different positive aspects.

The first, stock pickup box mainly appears like some thing had been left off as well as it was not quite completed. The right bed liner can add a custom made look as well as finish the pickup truck look in a way which is actually individual to you. Now that spray in bed liners are available in many colors the choice can there be to help to make the bed match the look of the rest of the pickup truck. On the other hand, choosing from the other liners like plastic bed liners as well as carpet liners also creates many choices to be constructed even after you know you will want liner for your vehicle.

Looks aren't the only reason for liners, or maybe even the best reason. If severe safeguard is essential and you carry out some actual work several liners excel at hard use. The proper plastic bed liners specifically work well for tough and abrasive loads, just like concrete blocks or even scrap. Ding defense in those cases are generally as essential as scratch safety. Getting the right liner may make a true distinction in the long-term life of a vehicle. Both plastic liners as well as the correct spray in bed liners work in some really rugged application.

Yet usually liners cost quite a lot and perhaps your more aged vehicle might complement something with a more affordable entry price tag. That leaves out some alternatives and leaves you with some other good ones. The roll on bed liner with truck bed paint supplies the look of the more expensive spray in liner and also genuinely tends to make more mature trucks look much better but for less cash compared to professional version. It makes for a real deal liner. One more frequently overlooked option will come in the truck bed mats. Simple to overlook, mats perform some things much better than any kind of other bed protection option however cost practically nothing.

Choosing from all the alternatives in truck bed liners may be quite the puzzle. Most alternatives offer some degree of safety however some evidently tend to be superior for hard use. More long lasting liners occasionally cost quite a lot though, yet at least one alternative offers genuine impact and scratch elimination for very little cash. Then if you want to perform some work on your own, it could be able to produce a look for your vehicle that appears far more high priced than it actually is. Possibilities for bed liners make it possible to obtain excellent looks and protection for not much expense.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Does Bed Liner Paint Require Surface Prep?

A roll on bed liner costs so much less than a professional version, it seems a sure way to save money. However surface preparation may make it less than a perfect option. But is careful surface prep even needed. One comment I received on one of my articles suggested that it was crazy to worry about all that.

The comment suggested that the Herculiner paint was all but impossible to get off your hands, so why worry. It's so sticky just a little roughing of the existing paint would be plenty, so said the comment.

Look out for that.

That attitude is the very reason that bed liner paint may not be so great an idea. Many paints are hard to remove from your hands. Most oil based house paints must be worn off. They stick to hands like glue. That certainly does not mean they will not peel. They can and often do.

Sure, the liner paint will stay for a time even with little preparation. Over time though, you better pay attention to the directions or you'll have a mess to deal with. Peeling liner paint may be more than you bargained for.

It's foolish to leave off the preparation for painting since it really requires just a small amount of work. It's mostly careful cleaning and aggressive sanding that's required. Take the time to do it right or you likely will wish you had.

A roll on bed liner works especially well on older trucks that need an appearance improvement. Just take the time for surface cleaning and preparation and the resulting finish will be much like a professional spray on liner.

Grab more tips for applying bed liner paint at our site.

Another worthy option includes the plastic bed liners.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

How To Install A Roll On Bed Liner Step By Step

A roll on bed liner should be tough and good looking. That's only if you do the installation properly. Skip steps and make it too easy and the coating won't stay in place. Here's how to get it right...

  1. Clean your truck bed first. Before applying the coating, clean with an automotive wax and grease remover. This will be an acetone product. This is to remove any old wax, grease and other stuff that could make it hard for the liner to stick. Don't start sanding before you clean. I'll tell you why below.

  2. Mask the bed rails carefully. Use masking tape to make straight, professional looking edges around where you want your bed liner to be. We used masking tape to define the edge of our liner cleanly. Cover what you don't want coated. This paint is hard to get off.

  3. Sand the bed well. That means sand with very coarse abrasive to really scratch up the old paint. The bed liner liquid will stick better if your truck bed is roughed up with heavy grit sandpaper. Heavy sanding is the key, just make sure to clean out the metal particles left over from sanding. If you sand before cleaning, you will just drive old grease and wax into the paint. This is a bad start.

  4. Consider priming any really rough or bare spots. If you're painting over the original paint, this may not be so important. If you're painting over a repaint, priming is a great idea.

  5. Buy extra truck bed paint. We found that one gallon can of the liner paint was not quite thick enough for our needs. Extra bed paint would allow you to put a thicker liner in your truck bed. It also allows you to easily make repairs with the paint that you have left over.

  6. Use a paint roller and paint brush to install your liner. It may seem like a spray-on liner application would look better, but we found that the material smoothes out very well with low cost paint rollers and brushes.

Applying a roll on bed liner is a simple way to give your truck bed protection and better looks, all done cheap. The real key to success is a good cleaning to start and some really heavy sanding. Do those and the coating is sure to work just right.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why A Roll On Bed Liner?

A roll on bed liner is about bed protection and better looks for your pickup. That's just the same as for any other kind of truck bed liner. Just the same as a bed rug carpet mat or a plastic drop in model or an expensive spray on liner. The do it yourself liner is most like the professional spray on liner.

The fact is the paint on bed liners look just about like the much more expensive spray liners. If you didn't know better, you could hardly tell it wasn't sprayed on. The biggest difference in the pro liner and the do it yourself bed liner is the price.

A brush on liner will only cost a small fraction of what a Line-X or a Rhino liner will set your back. That's the biggest attraction to doing it yourself... You can save a bunch of money.
But, what's the catch?

Here it is...

The roll on bed liner isn't going to be nearly as thick as the professional liner. Because of that, it isn't as durable or as hard to damage. A spray on liner is very tough, but it still can be damaged. If it is damaged, it can be repaired... But so can a do it yourself liner.

The roll on bed liner is a fairly simple way to save a bunch of money.

Putting one on is a simple process, but there are several tricks.

Find out about the tricks to a roll on bed liner before you start.

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